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Randall Fowler Does It All In “The Recipe” (Review & Stream)


Randall Fowler fuses Country, Pop and Rock vibes together masterfully on The Recipe!

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am an absolute sucker for beautiful music! In Randall Fowler’s “The Recipe,” you get that, plus more! Before I explain why I believe this project is one of the best I’ve heard in a while, I want to dive into Fowler’s background a bit.

Randall Fowler is a singer/songwriter from Charleston, South Carolina that has a knack for dabbling in a myriad of genres such as pop, country and rock. (Yes, lots of artists brag about being able to do this, but in my opinion, Fowler is better than most at it) Not only does he have over ten years of experience creating music on his own, but he’s also worked with several different artists, too. In The Recipe, his first solo effort, he absolutely shines bright, which I attribute to his many years in the industry.

From the moment you press play on The Recipe, you are met with nothing but fulfilling music. On songs like “The Recipe,” “#1 Draft Pick” and “No Disturbing,” listeners are greeted to heartwarming tunes that give off positive vibes and electrifying feels. On other songs like “Land On Me” and “Intertwine,” Fowler does a good job of touching the soul, as he instills emotional/passionate elements into each feverishly. Additionally, each song is met with phenomenal melodies, excellent crooning and powerful lyrical content.

Make sure you listen to Randall Fowler’s “The Recipe” up top! Trust me, it’s quite the treat.




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