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Aminè Let’s It All Hang Out In “Hunnybee (Remix)” (Review & Stream)

Aminè speaks nothing but the truth in this joint.

One of the biggest take-aways from listening to Aminè these last couple of years is that I believe he shines bright when he spits/sings over some timeless-sounding instrumentals. Luckily for us, “Hunny Bee” gives off those vibes, which means fans should expect to hear absolute fire!

On “Hunny Bee (Remix),” Aminè spits both fearlessly and unapologetically about his playa-ways. With each bar, you get lyrics that are unexpected/random, in addition to animation levels that are on the edge of outlandish. If you ask me, that’s classic Aminè!

I’m playing nothing but Aminè songs at my third wedding! (At that point, marriage would be considered a joke, to me)




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