Future Releases Yet Another Single Of Off The WIZRD Called “Jumpin’ On A Jet” (Review & Stream)

This is classic Future HNDRXX!

Remember when Future was trying his best to convince us he was a legit hip-hop astronaut? After tabling that approach these last couple of years, it seems like he’s come back to it on “Jumpin’ On A Jet.”

“Jumpin’ On A Jet” features a version of Future that is loose, experimental and audacious. With the topic of the song revolving around being flyer than us all, HNDRXX absolutely shines bright, spewing out braggadocios bars in the most peculiar way possible (And by peculiar, I mean erratic). All in all, I love the track’s energy, and absolutely f**k with the futuristic (no pun intended) instrumental our hero raps over.

Future might have one with this joint!



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