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DJ Mustard Recruits Migos For “Pure Water” (Review & Stream)


Hold up, what do these American rappers know about ‘Pure Water?’ In Nigeria, pure water is the s**t!

I think DJ Mustard has proven himself to be a mainstay in the hip-hop game when it comes to producing. Not only does he make some fire beats, but he also has a relationship with several major artists in the game. Today, he decided to use his popularity to link up with the biggest group in music since The Beatles for “Pure Water.”

“Pure Water” is an absolute banger. The beat that powers it is explosive, the contributions you get from each member of the Migos is vintage-sounding (Correct, all three of the members are on this song), and the hook that Quavo is able to lay down is perfect for the clubs. I f**k with the track for sure, especially considering that I havent heard all the Migos guys together in a while.

How about the ending to this song? Some random n***a says, “good night,” and the song ends… That’s some magical s**t!



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