Kevin Gates Drops “Therapy Shit 4” (Review & Stream)

Kevin Gates has been on a roll.

Before doing a jail-bid, Kevin Gates was considered a top-notch rapper in the game. After a slow start following his release, the Louisiana native was able to gain momentum once again, dropping a bevy of music these last couple of months. Today, he continues his impressive run, gifting the world with a grungy trap banger that has him calling n***as out, staying true to the hood he came from, and most importantly, letting his foes know that his level of untouchability is Kintaro-like. He also uses petty deliveries to get his words out, before going belligerent at the midway point of the song. Belligerent Kevin Gates is always must-listen radio!

Kevin Gates is one of those dudes that can talk about himself for two hours straight.



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