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Berner & Mozzy Recruit Wiz Khalifa For “Solitary” (Review & Stream)

Berner & Mozzy do their thing on “Solitary.”

Berner & Mozzy are looking to release their joint album called “Slimey Individuals” really soon, and “Solitary” is the first single off of it. On it, the duo spits some deep bars about their prior drug-dealing ways, while also acknowledging how much hustling they’ve had to do to get to the position they are in right now. Wiz Khalifa is also featured on the song, and his part, which I think is the best, is passionate, gangsta and vintage-sounding. All in all, as a whole, I love how urgently each rapper sounds on this track, and definitely f**k with the fiery instrumental that powers it.

How many different duos is Berner in?



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