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Brazil Hill Shines “In A Minute” (Review & Stream)

Is it Thursday? Because Brazil Hill’s “In A Minute” already feels like a throwback hit.

Brazil Hill has to be the next big talent to come out of Mobile, Alabama. Her single “In A Minute” is, without a shadow of a doubt, a certified jam! Based off of this song and her likeness in sound with the granddaddy of auto-tune himself, T-Pain, Brazil Hill has the potential to pump out hit after hit.

“In a minute” is the kind of song that resonates with anyone who is in a long-distance relationship or whose significant other is on the road or traveling often. However, it is also relatable to just about anyone who misses being around their beloved. On it, she serenades her bae, while making the rest of us swoon with her heartfelt lyrics.

If you are a sap, this song is for you; if you are not a sap in any way, shape, or form, then take a listen to warm up your cold heart “In A Minute.”




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