Chxxrs will put chills down your spine on this song.

If you aren’t familiar with Chxxrs, you are truly missing out. He is a talented singer/songwriter that has a knack for creating next-level R&B music, and LORD knows how much I love next-level R&B music! In his latest single, “You,” produced by Tee-WaTT, Chxxrs does his thing, gifting us with a sly gem that has him explaining all the lovely things he hopes to do for this one special lover of his. Personally, I f**k with the beat that powers the song, as it boasts some smooth yet hard-hitting vibes that will put you in quite an interesting mood. I also love Chxxrs’ singing performance on this joint, especially when it comes to the infectious melodies he was able to lay down. All in all, I have zero complaints about this song.

Chxxrs says he was influenced by other R&B greats like Blackstreet, Esther Dean and Frank Ocean. I can definitely tell, too, cause throughout this song, he gave me authentic/classic R&B vibes.