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Yelawolf Snaps On “Pinto Bean” (Review & Stream)

I have reason to believe Yelawolf created rap.

Every time I hear Yelawolf spit, I feel like I’m listening to one of those guys that had his thoughts bottled up for years, and when he hops on the mic, s**t comes out like a bad case of diarrhea (Sorry, I didn’t mean to disgust you). In “Pinto Bean,” the self-proclaimed ‘Catfish Billy’ lets all the way loose, dishing out nothing but savage/reckless bars over this meaner version of G-Eazy’s “No Limit” beat. As usual, listeners will love the combination of rawness, a strong southern accent and abominable flows Wolf blesses us with, as he does his best to get you to call off work for tomorrow.

Yelawolf’s “TM3” is going to be a kick-ass project.



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