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Couch Surf Shines In “Is This Real?” (Review & Stream)

“Is This Real” is off of Couch Surf’s self-titled EP.

Couch Surf is a musical band founded by the front-man of punk-rock duo Ghoul Kids (Taylor Barnes). The group specializes in truly engaging music that merges together genres such as surf, rock and psychedelic pop. In their latest EP, Couch Surf, the band was able to gift us with a body of work that is both touching and powerful. One of my favorite singles off of the project is “Is This Real?”

“Is This Real?” is a semi-dreary/electrifying tune that does a great job of equally serving you both styles throughout (Allow me to elaborate).  While the song boasts this guitar/drum-heavy instrumental that is pretty exhilarating to listen to, it also features some somber vocals and moody lyrical content by the lead singer. The combination of contrasting vibes makes for an emotional roller-coaster ride that you strangely won’t want to get off of.

What a great song by Couch Surf here!




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