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T-Pain & Tory Lanez Link Up For “Getcha Roll On” (Review & Stream)


T-Pain and Present-Day T-Pain unite here.

Under all of our noses, T-Pain has had quite the comeback (Not as big as Soulja Boy’s, but still big). Today, he rolls that comeback into 2019 with “Getcha Roll On.”

“Getcha Roll On” is explosive, vintage-sounding and savage. It features a belligerent/freaky version of Pain that is intent on having a good time, and a version of featured guest Tory Lanez that wants to finesse his way to fourth bass with some bad ass chick through some pretty frisky crooning. That should be enough to catch your attention, no?

On the low, Big Tymers’ “Get Ya Roll On” turned out to be a pretty classic record. N***as stole everything from the flows to the hook from it.



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