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Bakzilla Electrifies In “Pills” (Review & Stream)

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“Pills” has me ready to PARTTY! Where’s my damn dancing shoes when I need it?

For most individuals, the weekend starts on a Friday, which means it is imperative to get into a partying mood a few days earlier. One of my new ways to make this happen is to run back Bakzilla’s “Pills” track over and over again.

One of the main reasons “Pills” gets me going is its instrumental. Not only does it boast heart-pumping EDM vibes, but it’s rhythm practically forces you to keep your body moving at all times. Over this instrumental, Bakzilla delivers some very impressive raps, hurling out bars about everything from getting down at the wildest of clubs to making serious guap utilizing a flow so computerized, I can almost guarantee he’s running on a Windows 8 operating system. (Seriously, how can a human-being rap like this?) When you add Bak’s infectious/exhilarating hook to the overall equation, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll realize this song is an absolute hit!

Yo, is it Friday yet? Is it Friday yet? Is it Friday yet?



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