Daveed Gives Zero F**ks In “Ghost Town” (Review & Stream)


In these trying times, a rebellious track like “Ghost Town” is exactly what we need!

Daveed is a musician that does it all: He’s a super producer, sound engineer and CEO of Lucid Music. he’s also a very talented rapper, and with the release of his new “Vision II” project, he looks to prove his worth in a hip-hop game that badly needs his creativity.

I can’t tell you how much I love Daveed’s style of music! It’s grungy, unapologetic and pretty dynamic. In his latest project, “THE VISION II,” the Honduran/English rapper shines bright, delivering a body of work to the world that is as carefree as it gets. One of my favorite singles off of the project is “Ghost Town” — A ferocious  banger that has ‘Veed talking about smoking on some good-good, his distaste for ops, and most importantly, his intent on bringing mayhem to wherever he is. I love how dark and grimey the instrumental that powers the song is, and how Daveed hops on that instrumental letting all the way loose by utilizing this animated approach that never lets up in intensity.

Check out Daveed’s new The Vision II album HERE!



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