J. Cole Returns With “Middle Child” (Review & Stream)


A vengeful Cole is a deadly Cole!

At this point, I believe J. Cole is the best rapper in the game (Go ahead and @, #, $ or & me). His last couple of releases has had him either strong-arming the game with competitive lyrical content or schooling n***as with nothing but wisdom. Today, the Dreamville honcho opts to bring out the killer version of himself for “Middle Child,” as he completely blacks out over this horn-heavy instrumental by T-Minus. Personally, I love the subject-matter behind the song, as it revolves around Cole being this hungry bull that is ready to turn the rap game upside down in every type of way (That includes subs at a few well-known rappers, and the provoking of young cats in the game). However, I thought his singing sounded ho-hum at times, and his bars became very predictable at a certain point. Dare I say, this song was a bit boring to listen to midway through…

Cole needs to come a bit harder than this to excite me… Then again, I see this as one of those album fillers that fit in nicely with some other hard s**t on an album (Cole is strategic with his).



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