Jake Inzerra Shows Lots Of Charisma In “Fashion Of Love” (Review & Stream)


Jake Inzerra has a hit here! 

“Fashion Of Love” is one of those electrifying songs that features an outstanding hook, an electrifying instrumental and lots of feel-good vibes! But in all honesty, it’s the inspirational subject-matter behind it that catches my attention the most.

From the moment you press play on “Fashion Of Love,” you can tell Jake is intent on putting on a show, because he glides through both the hook and his verses with a level of fearlessness that is hard to ignore. Not only does he instill some attitude and pizzazz into literally ever word he sings, but he also does a good job of dishing out content that directly proves to the world that simply being yourself when it comes to everything from fashion to music-making is the best approach to take.

For the people fiendin’ to listen to this song, it will be out this Friday!




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