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Rockie Fresh Calls On Chris Brown For “Must Be” (Review & Stream)


Maybe this song is the one that finally catapults Rockie Fresh to superstar status.

Rockie Fresh, a rapper I’ve thought had next for several years now, might just have his biggest hit to-date. “Must Be” is a radio-friendly hip-hop love song that has both the Maybach Music MC and Chris Brown practically sulking in the benefits their respective women give them. Personally, I think Chris shines bright on this joint, singing his heart out throughout the track, while Rockie plays the cool guy that does his best to sound like a n***a in his feelings. All in all, I think the track is one plenty of listeners will soak up worldwide, which means Rockie might have his best shot at commercial success here.

Need a hit? Call on Chris Brown! He charges a lot less than Jacquees.



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