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Zacari Releases The Smooth “Don’t Trip” (Review & Stream)

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Zacari just dropped the smoothest argument-based song in the history of music with “Don’t Trip.”

Does the name Zacari sound familiar to you? If it doesn’t, let me remind you: He was the singer on Kendrick Lamar’s “LOVE” track a couple of years ago. Today, he decided to release a hot new R&B record called “Don’t Trip,” and this time around, he sounds a bit more peeved than when you last heard him.

With “Don’t Trip” revolving around a partner of his that is intent on causing issues for him in their relationship, the singer did a great job of playing Mr. Cool, simply crooning about the whole situation rather gracefully. Surprisingly, I believe the song is one of the most soothing this year,despite the feverish content backing it.

You can’t convince me otherwise that Zacari sung this song on a cloud.



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