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Chrissie Romano Band Provides Us With Something Heartfelt In “Photo” (Review & Stream)

Chrissie Romano transports listeners back in time to experience a tender memory in her latest single, “Photo.”

It’s not every day that we get true insight into a musician’s inspiration for a song. In “Photo,” we were able to get that, as Chrissie Romano Band created a gem that drew from the memory of Chrissie Romano’s late mother.

The inspiration for “Photo” was derived when Romano sifted through old belongings at the home of her parents and came across a picture of her mother who had previously passed. In that moment, she experienced emotions she thought were long gone. Through the realization that grief often sits in our bones and makes a home in our bodies, she was inspired to write this song.

“Photo” is about learning to live with tough memories and dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. The song is absolutely beautiful, with lyrics straight from the heart. Anyone who has ever lost someone important in their life might find it similar to a soothing balm over their slow-healing wounds.



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