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IAMANDEL Gets His Groove On In “Brand New” (Review & Stream)


Nothing but feel-good vibes permeate through “Brand New”

I am under the belief that music should always make you feel something — that could be pain, despair or happiness. In “Brand New” by IAMANDEL, you get the latter, as our sharp Christian hero does his best to piece together the love he has for that number one person in his life: Our LORD and savior!

You know what I love about this song? It’s effortlessly joyous. The instrumental that powers it is radiant and lively, promoting nothing but pure soothe, while IAMANDEL plays the perfect conductor on his contributions, rapping mirthfully about the positive mindset that derives in him knowing that GOD has his back on a daily basis. Though the song’s strongest attribute is its smoothness, I think its simplistic lyrical content is as strong as anything else I heard on here.

Man, this song really had me feeling all good inside!



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