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Jamit Invigorates In “Engourdissement” (Review & Stream)

Another release, another fantastic job by Jamit!

Jamit is a favorite of ours on this site, mainly due to the fact that he challenges the norm when it comes to producing music. In his latest single, “Engourdissement,” he was able to create yet another gem listeners can get lost in.

For all the non-French speakers of the world, Engourdissement means ‘numbness’ in the romantic language. As Jamit describes it, this numbness can be felt when we’re feeling ecstatic or in deep despair. Interestingly enough, ‘ecstatic’ is the vibes I get when I listen to this song.

First and foremost, the usual futuristic vibes you get on a Jamit effort permeates throughout this song, even morphing into a few different faces. This keeps listeners engaged and prepared to expect the unexpected. Additionally, you get everything from a change of pace to some well-placed adlibs plugged in the fray, which establishes a well-rounded body of work that never has a dull moment.

Only if I knew what was going on in Jamit’s mind…



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