NotaSlave’s “Fire Within” Will Give You Goosebumps (Review & Stream)


This song is intense!

NotaSlave is one of those passionate rappers that doesn’t mind spilling his guts out on the mic. In his newest single, “Fire Within,” he tells a chilling tale about losing his cool with a women he once thought would be the mother of his child.

Powered by this riveting instrumental, NotaSlave lets loose, taking on his ex full force for aborting his child. Literally from start to finish, you can hear this level of angst/disappoint/ferocity in his voice, as he recounts the endless things his past lover did to make his life miserable. Personally, as I listened to the song, I felt NotaSlave’s pain, and often found myself wanting to help him stray away from resorting to violence. I was truly engaged the whole time.

I can’t stress to you how much I appreciate music like this. NotaSlave willingly let us into his life on this song reminded me how much music can serve as both a stress-reviler and well-needed reality check. Man, this joint had me woke!





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