Heno’s “Burna Soul” Is A Serene Masterpiece (Review & Stream)


“Burna Soul” is off of Heno’s “Fragments Of A Memory” Album

Heno is a talented UK musician that knows the right buttons to push when it comes to reaching your soul with his outstanding instrumentals. In his latest album, “Fragments Of A Memory,” he blesses the world with an array of tracks that makes you feel some sort of emotion (Sadness, loneliness, joy or happiness). In “Burna Soul,” one of my favorite off of it, he opts for the former, and as a result, I am voluntarily sitting here in the rain all by my lonesome.

“Burna Soul” is cold, somber, and most of all, engaging. With its slow-tempo, powerful percussions and extreme bass, it does its job in stimulating your mind and forcing you to do some serious soul-searching. Personally, what I love about the track is that it changes faces throughout, never settling for a specific vibe. This allows the listener to go on quite the journey — one that cruises its way to the finish line.

Make sure you check out Heno’s “Fragments Of A Memory” HERE. Trust me, it’s a great listen!




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