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Slim Thug Returns With “Playas Get Chose” (Review & Stream)


Oh s**t, what’s Slim Thug been up to lately?

I’ve always thought Slim Thug was that n***a! His boss/playa-like mentality has always stood out like a sore thumb to me. Nowadays, he doesn’t get much pub, mainly because the Houston scene has faded a bit. However, with this catchy new song called “Playas Get Chose,” things might change.

“Playas Get Chose” is one of those fun tracks that features an uptempo beat, a generic R&B singer (Beanz N Kornbread in this case) and plug-n-play bars. Fortunately for us, Thugga gave us the best example of a song like this, as he was able to ooze this level of slyness to the grand scheme of things that directly falls in line with his persona. Yes, staying true to yourself gets you points on this site.

Slim Thug can’t be a playa at 6 ft. 9… That’s like Zion Williamson being a playa.



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