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Lil Pump Drops “Racks On Racks” (Review & Stream)

Did anyone else expect Lil Pump to spell Harvard wrong?

Lil Pump is prepping to release “Harverd Dropout” – the most anticipated hip-hop album since “illmatic.” Though he’s released a bunch of singles prior to it hitting the shelves, I do believe this particular song (Racks On Racks) is the first single off of the project (That means you should s**t your pants now, folks).

“Racks On Racks” falls in line with all the other music Pump has dropped since he’s emerged onto the scene. It features lots of youthful energy, a catchy hook that grown folks won’t admit they’re feeling, and lyrical content by Pump that is reckless, savage, outlandish, childish and inconsiderate. In other words, Pump’s gonna Pump!

I am actually feeling this s**t a little…



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