Hip Hop

Slight Chance Puts His Skills On Full Display On “In The Way” (Review & Stream)

Slight Chance, give life another chance, we need more hits like this from you!

In this day and age, music (Especially rap) is becoming more and more self-conscious and unguarded. Nowadays, it is no longer foreign to hear an artist get personal about battles they are fighting within, which in my opinion, has made them come across as highly relatable. Slight Chance is one of those artists that simply don’t mind opening up to us, and in “In The Way,” he does it in a way (no pun intended) that is extremely honest.

“In The Way” has a vibrant yet nightmarish instrumental that starts off eerily, but quickly sucks you in. Over this instrumental, Slight Chance lets loose, providing us with a catchy hook, a consistent rap flow and hella infectious adlibs. Content-wise, the self-proclaimed ‘rap bastard’ covers the topic of feeling like a disappointment to everyone around him and how the idea of suicide has began crossing his mind as of late. On the real, while listening to the track, I thought about calling the cops, but selfishly, I was way to entertained to.

I believe there’s a slight chance (yes, pun fully intended) Slight Chance may become the next best thing if he continues to perfect and fine-tune his craft.




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