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Kroissenbrunner & Jamit Collaborate For “Masala Bazaar” (Review & Stream)

Are you in need of some heart-pumping music? Well this is it!

I don’t have to tell you that Kroissenbrunner & Jamit are two highly talented musicians, all you need to do is Google their names and listen to one of their body of works. Today, the two solo acts decided to unite with one another for “Masala Bazaar,” and the end result is an exhilarating tune that does everything in its power to get you on of your feet.

The first thing that jumps out at me about this song is its energy. Both musicians were able to gift us with this hard-hitting sound that does a great job of constantly taking shots at your eardrums. From there, what you get are futuristic vibes, cultural feels and well-placed vocals. In my opinion, the way everything is put together is masterful, which is a testament to the chemistry Jamit continues to show when he collaborates with other artists.

So why is this song called “Masala Bazaar?” Because Jamit and Kroissenbrunner are two guys that love them some Masala! (Simple as that, folks)



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