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Ferera Swan’s “Second Time” Is A Touching Masterpiece (Review & Stream)

I said I wasn’t going to cry today…

Ferera Swan is a Houston-based singer/songwriter that has the voice of an angel! When it comes to making music, her extensive experience dabbling in everything from worldwide tours to cinematic scores has allowed her to see the expressive art form in ways that your average artist doesn’t. However, what I like most about Swan’s artistry is that she loves to tackle serious topics whenever she gets the chance, and in her latest effort, “Second Time,” she does just that.

In “Second Time,” Swan was able to create something both heartwarming and passionate. With the topic of the song being based on a reunion between the talented singer and her birth mother, I believe her showing of uncertainty, sorrow and ultimately love will tug at your heart from start to finish. Not only because she vocalizes these sentiments with such emotion over some tender piano-play, but because every single word she delivers seems as true as it gets.

Ferrera, thank you for such a deep/powerful song!



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