What’s the difference between Skinnyfromthe9 and Kap G?

Whether we like it or not, Skinnyfromthe9 is one of those rappers that has next. Since that’s the case, we need to embrace him. With that being said, he dropped a new song called “Don’t Drown” today, and it features mumbling, mumbling and more mumbling. Content-wise, he does flex on n***as (And even says the word n***a), challenging their hoodness and how much money they are making. Unfortunately, his name is Skinnyfromthe9, so all the tough-talk goes by the wayside when it’s all said and done. Anyway, I think the song is sorta catchy, and I do f**k with the melody he was able to deliver for us on the hook.

Hip-hop simply doesn’t need this dude…