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Soulja Boy Releases “Trappin Out The Mansion” (Review & Stream)


I don’t know why I get so excited when I see Soulja Boy do anything these days. The n***a can literally pay some bills and I can lose my f**kin’ mind. Anyway, he is prepping to release his upcoming album titled “How Could You Blame Me,” and “Trappin’ Out The Mansion” is one of its singles.

“Trappin’ Out The Mansion” isn’t a good song (Let me get that out of the way now). Don’t get me wrong, the hook is somewhat fire, but his rapping remains atrocious. However, Soulja does stay true to what he believes in content-wise on it: Drugs, guns, money and comebacks.

I’ve never seen someone bask in 15 minutes a fame as much as Soulja Boy has these last couple of weeks.



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