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Blow_FLYY Shines In “Dream Warrior” (Review & Stream)

I can guarantee you that the success rate of people reaching their dreams skyrocket after they hear this song.

BLOW_FLYY is a yet another rapper from Canada that I believe has star-power written all over him. Not only does he spit hard, but he also shows this level of passion/emotion in his music that is difficult to ignore. In “Dream Warrior,” his latest single, that emotion manifests itself into an uplifting banger that flows like a river.

“Dream Warrior” features this smooth yet heavy-hitting instrumental that does everything in its power to gas BLOW_FLYY up every step of the way. Fortunately, he welcomes the challenge with open arms, gifting us with an absolutely infectious hook and relentless bars. Additionally, I love how personal/vulnerable the “Paparazzi” rapper is on all of his verses, as he talks about everything from his career ambitions to his changing relationships through deep lyrical content. If you don’t think that’s powerful, I have no clue what to tell you.

Make sure you check out BLOW_FLYY’s “Dream Warrior” up top! Trust me, it will strike a chord with you.



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