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Nicki Minaj Remixes Blueface’s “Thotiana” In “Bustdown Barbiana” (Review & Stream)

Someone with the name ‘Barbiana’ is a walking child support issue.

Nicki Minaj has been freestyling over some of the illest beats in rap these last couple of days, proving her worth to the game. Today, she decided to tackle one of the most popular records in “Thotiana.”

Content-wise, s**t doesn’t change for Nicki on this song, as she tackles things such as sexual relations with her man, being a top b*tch in the game and blocking foes on social media through her typical animated bars. What did she do differently this time? She didn’t call b*tches her son one time on her verses (Major accomplishment for her).

Isn’t it funny how Nicki can call herself “Thot” in 100 different ways and we’re fine with it? But if you called her a republican, she’ll smack the s**t out of you.



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