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Olga Solar Blooms In “Tulips” (Review & Stream)


Olga Solar is not going to be your push-over.

Olga Solar doesn’t only have an outstanding name, but she is also the kind of artist I prefer to listen to these days. Not only does she strike me as an unapologetic figure, but I also think she pushes boundaries when it comes to making music. In “Tulips,” her latest single,  she shines bright, gifting us with a spunky tune that features a tumultuous instrumental, vivacious crooning and plucky lyrical content. In other words, “Tulips” is kick-ass with out even trying, which should make that one lover of hers that keeps screwing up over and over again fear the idea that everyone that listens to it will join her in solidarity. I’m team Olga, are you?

Joder, me encanta esta canción = I freaking love this song!




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