Roy Woods is way too talented to be disappearing for months.

Roy Woods is one of the many Toronto musicians that are poppin’ right now. His unique style of artistry is entertaining to listen to, while his knack for staying far from the public’s eye keeps his brand intriguing. In the next coming weeks, Woods looks to release a brand new album, breaking a fast that has lasted a couple of months. “Worth It,” the singer’s latest offering, is assumed to be one of the album’s first singles.

“Worth It” is bossy, grungy and heavy on the hip-hop side. It is powered by a heavy-hitting instrumental that has its fair-share bass boomin’ moments, but at the same time, serene instances, too. As for Roy Woods’ contributions on the track, it’s pretty dynamic, as he raps utilizing a bunch of different flows, sings with both high and low-pitch vocals, and delivers a blend of unapologetic and touchy lyrics. Because of this, fans should expect this song to be a major hit in the clubs.

How can I get whatever they have in the water down there in Toronto over here?