Dax clearly wants Tory’s spot.

I’ve been dismissing most Tory Lanez disses, but this time around, I think s**t is a bit different. First and foremost, Dax is from Toronto just like Tory is, and it seems like he’s one of those dudes on the come-up that wants to be heard from his fellow countryman’s fans. With “I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q,” he gets his chance to stake his claim.

In “I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q,” Dax takes aim at the “I Told You” rapper with facts, calling out his lack of substance in his music, weak bars and insecurities. I love how the colored-hair rapper comes at Tory in a bit of a respectful way, opting to leave petty s**t by the wayside (For the most part). Rapping-wise, I thought Dax showed great animation and passion throughout. All in all, I f**ked with this s**t a lot!

On some real s**t, that “Duppy Freestyle” beat is one of the sickest in hip-hop history.