Lew Houston’s “Safe” Is The Meanest Of Bangers (Review & Stream)


A day in the life of Lew Houston is a very interesting one…

Lew Houston is a hip-hop artist that is originally from Houston, TX, but currently resides in San Diego, California. I can tell, too, because his music has a good mixture of southern and west coast vibes attached to it. In his latest single, “Safe,” Houston was able to bless us with a hard-hitting track that features a gritty instrumental, and most importantly, bars that are nothing less than rugged.

You know what I love most about this song? On it, Lew Houston does a bit of storytelling, letting us know about his reckless ways literally by the hour. I also enjoy how Houston holds nothing back when it comes to gun-talk, getting money and messing with women, caring less what a naysayer like myself may have to say about it. It’s almost like he’s giving the world an introduction to who he is, and if you’re listening carefully, he’ll make you realize he’s someone you don’t want to mess with…

Lew Houston loves his gun, sorta like I love marshmallows in my cocoa.



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