Mad Panda aren’t quite from this world, and I am OK with that.

Mad Panda are a duo consisting of talented musicians Sid&Zac. Together, they’ve been able to create music that is psychedelic and vintage-sounding (We’re talking 1960’s vintage). In their latest project, “Deeper Shallow,” the unique tandem were able to create a body of work that is daring musically, but at the same time, refreshing when it comes to sticking to nostalgic vibes. Who doesn’t like nostalgic vibes?

You know what I love about this album? I feel both acts do their best to get lost in whatever instrumental they are served with, ushering in sounds that haven’t been heard in years. Aside from that, I love their youthfulness, rebelliousness and willingness (that’s a lot of nesses) to let their British psyche-indie grit/Australian Psyche-Rock/hippie-like ways to resonate in every instrument, vocal and sentiment they lay down. I love their fearlessness, I love their charisma and I love their style.

Make sure you check out Mad Panda’s “Deeper Shallow.”