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Gunna Implores The World To “Speed It Up” In His New Single (Review & Stream)

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Gunna says whatever the hell he wants on tracks, pissing off book-bag rappers one word at a time.

Last year, Gunna’s fame reached an all-time high. Not only did he drop a successful joint mixtape with Lil Baby called “Drip Harder” within’ that time, but the n***a was also featured on 93% of the hip-hop albums that released (Including Usher and Mariah Carey’s s**t). In 2019, I expect him to take even higher heights. With that being said, today, he decided to release yet another single called “Speed It Up” off of his upcoming “Drip Or Drown 2” project, and frfr, I have mixed results about it…

“Speed It Up” features this uptempo trap instrumental that sorta sucks you in with its lonely vibes. Over this instrumental, Gunna plays aerobics instructor, imploring us to speed s**t up without informing us what we should be rushing for. Flow-wise, the YSL rapper’s contributions are beyond choppy, featuring words spit out like it was cooked at Tim Hortons.

Gunna is a cool muthaf**ka. He never stresses anything.



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