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Avril Lavingne Returns With The Fiesty “Dumb Blonde” Featuring Nicki Minaj (Review & Stream)

I don’t care what any of ya’ll say, Avril Lavingne is a legend!

Avril Lavingne is back after a six year hiatus. While she may no longer feel as confused as she was back then (That’s an “It’s Complicated” joke), she does still have this youthfulness to her that is appealing to listen to. In “Dumb Blonde,” her collaboration with Nicki Minaj, the Canadian pop star shows off her rebellious side, peeling through this explosive instrumental like a teenager who just found out their parents got mad that they didn’t clean their room. As for Nicki, she adds a bit of hip -hop flavor to the rock-heavy track, spitting tough ass bars aimed at her ops.

I’m glad Avril is back and all, but on the real, this song isn’t my cup of tea.



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