Rob Georg Dedicates A Song To All The Horses In Heaven Called “Carry The Wind” (Review & Stream)

Man, this song is pretty deep!

Rob Georg is one of those country singers that makes sure he puts his heart and soul into whatever he creates. His latest single, “Carry In The Wind,” is proof in the pudding.

“Carry in The Wind” sounds like your ordinary country song that features an easy-going instrumental and hearty crooning. However, where it differentiates itself from the pack is in its lyrical content. The song is dedicated to horses in heaven, with Rob piecing together his feelings about the one he has up there currently. Though I cannot relate much to this matter (I’ve never owned a horse), I still felt every ounce of love, passion and pain Rob was able to show through both his vocal performance and lyrical content throughout. In other words, I think it’s impossible to not feel emotional after you listen to this song.

Make sure you give Rob Georg’s powerful “Carry In The Wind” a shot!




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