Lil Kim Returns With “Go Awff” (Review & Stream)


Every time I say something bad about Lil Kim, I get attacked by her army bees. Today, I’m ready for them!

Lil Kim hasn’t had the best career since 2004 (Lots of swings and misses). However, her influence in the game has been pretty obvious. With that being said, I can excuse her for making this plain/basic/uninteresting banger called “Go Awff.” Don’t get me wrong, I f**k with the approach the Queen uses on the song, as she tries to create an anthem of sorts, but at the same time, I feel like she didn’t cater to her strengths at all here. I want tough ass bars not melodic s**t from you, Kim. Just rap, stop experimenting!

Watch me get cussed out in 3,2,1…




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