T.I. Goes At Floyd Mayweather’s Neck In “F**k N***a (Review & Stream)

T.I. isn’t here for Floyd Mayweather’s cooning.

As you may know, Gucci f**ked up earlier this month by releasing some blackface-inspired apparel. As a result, plenty of rappers have protested the expensive clothing brand. One of those people that actually stood up for them was Floyd Mayweather. Well, T.I. wasn’t f**king with that, so he decided to release this brand new diss towards him called “F**k N***a.”

“F**k N***a” features an old school instrumental that all of our grandfather’s would be proud of. Over it, T.I. goes in on Floyd Mayweather (And people like him), calling out how they turned their back on people that support them, their useless spending and plastic mentality towards the future. Personally, I think the song is dope musically, and I like it even more because of its message.

If you got as much money as Floyd Mayweather, you probably think you are your own race.




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