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Juicy J Calls On Kevin Gates & Lil Skies For “Let Me See” (Review & Stream)

Three generations of reckless rappers unite on this song.

I feel like Juicy J is one of those legendary rappers that has exceeded expectations at this point. That is why when he talks s**t, n***as listen. In “Let Me See,” he does just that, calling out his competition for the fake money, hoes and street s**t they promote in their music. As expected, Juicy’s style of rapping is trill, but also exhilarating enough to get you amped up. In other words, you get classic Juicy here.

Kevin Gates and Lil Skies are featured on this song, and both bring high-energy to the track in their own unique ways. Gates is gritty with his approach, showing great animation in delivering his feelings about being one of the trillest out. Skies is a lot more sly with his approach, gliding his way to the finish line utilizing this fast-paced flow and flashy lyrical content. The combination of the three artists is fun to listen to.

Don’t you love when rappers call out the fakes?



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