Since n***as didn’t want to give Nipsey a Grammy, he’s allowed to have as much Peach Cobbler as he wants at my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. 

Nipsey Hussle can do no wrong. Real ones love him, and all the dudes that aren’t real are trying their hardest to understand how he gets his respect in the game. Knowing this, Nipsey dropped a new record called “Racks In The Middle” featuring Hit-Boy and Roddy Ricch. On it, the Compton rapper dishes out knowledge pertaining to keeping it real, splurging and getting to the paper. As expected, his bars are as real as it gets, while Roddy delivers a phenomenal hook that sounds like something Lil Durk would make. I’m just going to assume Hit-Boy produced the song, cause I didn’t hear that n***a.

I f**king love Nipsey’s style.