Trippie Redd looks like a tatted up cabbage patch doll.

Trippie Redd is a very frustrating artist to listen to. I feel like he is more than capable of making some solid music, but at the same time, is also capable of making bulls**t, too. In “TIME TO DIE,” fortunately, we get the former.

“TIME TO DIE” is powered by this smooth instrumental that has its moments of trillness attached to it. Over this instrumental, Trippie lets loose, melodically rapping about getting to the money, f**king with chicks and dismissing foes. Though the n***a yaps with the best of them on his verses, I do f**k with the overall vibes of the song.

Oh yeah, some dude named FreeMoney800 is featured on this song. He drops a pretty decent verse that is punchline-heavy and gritty.

These young rap n***as gotta stop all of that demonic s**t.