ClarkNC Delivers Nothing But Wisdom In “Stay Grinding” (Review & Stream)

,On some real s**t, ClarkNC deserves to win.

Personally, my favorite kind of rappers are the ones that are hungry and determined to make it to the top. ClarkNC is one of those rappers, and in his new “Five Days Five Nights, Pt. 2” album, he certainly proves his worth. Not only does he gift us with introspective music that moves the needle when it comes to passion and authentic vibes, but he also has this knack for spitting bars that are honest, truthful and heartfelt. One of my favorite songs off of Five Days Five Nights, Pt. 2 is “Stay Grinding.”

“Stay Grinding” has its calm moments, as it is powered by this soothing instrumental that does a great job of giving you flashbacks to hip-hop’s golden era in the 90’s. From there, listeners are greeted with a passionate hook by this uncredited singer that gives off both positive and motivational vibes. With such strong support backing him, ClarkNC shines, blessing us with wisdom-filled bars centered around grinding, standing tall amidst adversity and ignoring haters. Who can hate on those messages?

One of the main things that stood out to me about ClarkNC’s style of rapping on this song was his confidence. I felt like he peeled through his bars like a man on a mission, nailing his every line and answering the hard-hitting beat with nothing but lyrical fire. All in all, I was impressed with what I heard.

Make sure you check out “Stay Grinding” at the top of the page! Also, give a listen to ClarkNC’s Five Days Five Nights, Pt. 2 project HERE!




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