I’m under Emotan’s spell, and honestly, I love it!

Music is so much funner when it’s made without boundaries. Emotan is one of those individuals that makes music using this formula, and you can tell the moment you press play on “Magic Baby Boo.”

“Magic Baby Boo” is gentle, jazzy, daring, romantic, and most importantly, frisky! From start to finish, Emotan plays this bubbly individual that simply can’t get enough of her lover’s mystical touch. What I like most about the track is how Emotan bounces off of the walls on it, caring less to sound disheveled, loose or drunk on love. I respect that. I also enjoy the cinematic vibes the song gives off instrumentally, as throughout, it has random moments of intensity that sort-of makes you feel like you’re listening to the audio version of a Spike Lee Joint.

I needed some authentic neo-soul in my life!