Did Anybody else frolic through a flower garden while listening to this song?

Imani Wj Wright is easily one of my favorite R&B acts in the game today. His charm, vocal abilities and knack for creating music that is engaging are all strengths I consider of his that make it impossible not to root for him. In “So I Thought,” the “Consistency” singer blesses us with yet another passionate tune, adding on to his catalog of impressive hits.

You know what I love about Imani’s contributions on this song? He doesn’t force a single thing. Instead, he gently lets his feelings of confusion, perplexity and disappointment guide him in his journey to find the sole reason his lover isn’t acting like her normal self. The end result is a vocal performance that is tranquil and beyond hypnotizing.

Though Imani is responsible for the mixing, mastering, writing, engineering and performance behind this song (Which is pretty amazing), kudos must go to Ocean for hooking him up with the perfect production to sing over. I feel every element of the instrumental you hear on “So I Thought” was pure and organic, which ultimately brought out an unbolted version of the Baltimore musician. Very well done, Ocean!

Ya’ll need to join the Imani and SWANO wave as soon as possible! If you join late, the price of the uber you’ll need to get there might skyrocket.