If your song contains any ounce of sappiness, 6LACK is willing to hop on a remix to it.

I just don’t get it, why isn’t Rita Ora a bigger artist? She’s sexy, I think she has a decent voice, and the music she makes is solid. Whatever the case may be, she continues to swing for the fences, with this new remix to “Only Want You” being her next at bat. On it, Rita keeps her verses from the original version in tact, while 6LACK adds an additional one at the end that is slick, sly and cocky. I do think the Atlanta native adds a unique flair to the song, but I wouldn’t commit to saying he made it better.

If ya’ll don’t want to accept Rita Ora in your lives, I’ll gladly take her and we’ll move to a first world country. Don’t worry baby, we’ll make you a star there!