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Tough On Fridays Strike Indie Gold On “Retrospect”

 Art speaks for itself, so it’s no wonder Tough On Fridaysmusic has created such a buzz.

Tough on Fridays’ Caleigh and Katie have grown together since elementary school, and so has their shared love of music. Hailing from Georgetown, Texas, Tough On Fridays have made a name for themselves in their home state by delivering some pretty solid tunes. The band’s 2017 debut created so many ripples that they are expected to perform at the 2019 Texas Indie Fest.

If you came of age while listening to indie bands with female front-runners, you will love, or at the very least, appreciate “Retrospect.” It emulates the signature combination of teen angst, sad-girl and folk-loving festival queen that many early 2000’s indie bands bred. It is the type of song one would have heard at Lilith Fair. The combination of crashing drums, electric guitar, and delicate vocals hits a certain elusive sweet spot for me.



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