J. Jamal’s “Good Guy” is the definition of a R&B effort that is just as daring as it is passionate. 


J. Jamal is one of those singer/songwriters that pours his heart out whenever he makes music. In “Love Letter,” the Harbor City, CA native was able to gift us with a riveting body-of-work that covers topics such as love, heartbreak and everything in-between.

You know what I enjoy about “Love Letter?” every song does a great job of touching on the everyday topics young men like myself face when it comes to falling in love. For example, in songs like “Good Guy” and “Running Out Of Time,” J. Jamal talks about the perils that come with being too nice, submissive and vulnerable. On both of those tracks, Jamal doesn’t hold back in his emotions, soulfully painting a picture of despair.

Fortunately, things begin to look up after the powerful “Love Is…” interlude with the lively “Love Letter,” “Change Your Mind” and “So Amazing.” In each track, Jamal sings glowingly over a lot more vibrant instrumentals. I also believe Jamal was able to provide the world with his best vocal performances on these songs (Especially in “So Amazing”), pumping some well-needed optimism into the overall equation of the EP.

“Love Letter” will remind you of the most fragile time in your love life. For some of us, that was a pretty lowly time, and for others, it was golden. Jamal was able to cover both sides on this EP masterfully, resulting in a body of work that is everything from adorable to riveting.